Al Quds Tunadeena: Oh Jerusalem, Our Home

Released during the Second Intifada, this religious and nationalistic song by Ahmed Bukhatir, a Muslim singer, businessman and politician in the United Arab Emirates, describes the yearning of Muslims, Arabs and Palesitnians to return to Jerusalem, the third holiest city in Islam. Ths song is sung in the Islamic “nasheed” a cappella chanting style, based on the religious belief that Islam prohibits the use of musical instruments, except for some basic percussion. 

Alquds Tunadeena

Alquds Tunadeena
Oh Jerusalem, our home

Hopefully Jerusalem
will return to our nation

And we will purify your virgin ground
And spread you over our flag

Sons of Palestine, be patient
Allah will take away our worries

Jerusalem will return to us as our home
And it will return to us as our homeland

After the darkness of night
Except the light of dawn
Nothing else prevails