Singing Ani Ma’amin at the Western Wall on Tisha B’Av

This video shows thousands of worshippers gathered together at the Western Wall on Tisha B’av singing Ani Ma’amin (I Believe), a song about the Jewish belief in the coming of the Messiah. Tisha B’av – the 9th of the Hebrew month of Av – is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, a day of fasting and mourning commemorating a number of disasters in Jewish history that occurred on this day, primarily the destruction of both the First and Second Temples. Thousands of people gather at the Western Wall on Tisha B’av to read Kinot (Elegies), hear the reading of Eicha (Lamentations), and sing and pray. The line comes from a prosaic rendition of Maimonides‘ thirteen-point version of the Jewish principles of faith. This verse has been put to many melodies and is sung at different types of religious and national ceremonies, both joyous and somber. 

אני מאמין

 אני מאמין באמונה שלמה
בביאת המשיח.
ואף על פי שיתמהמה,
עם כל זה אחכה לו
בכל יום שיבוא


Ani maamin beemuna shlemah 
B’viat hamashiach 
V’af al pi sheyitmameha 
Im kol zeh achake lo 
B’chol yom sheyavo


I believe with a complete belief
In the coming of the Messiah
And even though he may tarry
I will wait for him, whenever he comes