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Mois Navon is one of the founding engineers of Mobileye, where he designed the EyeQ family of SoC (System On a Chip) – the chip powering the autonomous vehicle revolution.  He is the author of numerous hardware patents in the field of image processing and computing hardware.  Prior to Mobileye, Mois worked for notable companies such as IBM and NASA’s JPL, as well as a number of Israeli Start-Ups.  Mois is also an ordained rabbi who has published numerous articles on Jewish law and lore as well as lecturing extensively on Jewish topics and earned the title: “Rabbi of Mobileye.”  Mois is currently a pursuing his PhD at the department of Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University where his thesis seeks to apply Jewish philosophy to address the ethical questions arising in the field of artificial intelligence. His lectures can writings can be found on his website:


Autonomous Vehicle Talks – Mois has been involved in the Autonomous Vehicle industry since its infancy and has several engaging presentations that address what has been called “the most disruptive technology to hit humanity.”  Topics include:

  • Innovation, Autonomous Vehicles and Purpose;
  • The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution;
  • The Trolley Problem Just Got Digital – Ethical Dilemmas In Programming The Autonomous Vehicle;
  • “Baby You Can Drive My Car” – Autonomous Vehicle On Shabbat?;
  • The Messiah Is Coming On A Donkey… Powered By Mobileye.

The first two talks are about Israel, Technology, & Business, the second two are about Ethics & Halacha, the last one is at the intersection of Philosophy and the Economy.

Jewish Philosophy Talks – While science and technology are the mainstays of “the Start-Up Nation,” enabling great advances in the quality of life, it is the Jewish people’s endeavor to address the great questions of the human condition that is Israel’s greatest treasure.  What is man?  What is ethical?  Why evil?  Mois believes that the Jewish people’s mandate to be a light among the nations, encompasses both improving the human condition physically through science and technology as well as metaphysically through philosophy.

To this end, Mois is spearheading the “Bar Ilan International Jewish Philosophy Project” which provides half-day, full-day or week-long programs that can be configured of topics in Ethics, Aesthetics, Theodicy, Existentialism, Fundamental Philosophical Questions, Jewish Philosophical Beliefs, and more.


Each talk is offered for $500/presentation.  A 10% discount is offered to Masa Participants.

For lectures and lecture series as part for the Bar Ilan International Jewish Philosophy Project, prices are to be determined.

~ Note: All talks offered in English and Hebrew ~

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